In general, no charge can be made for admitting pupils to maintained schools. Where  education is provided wholly or mainly during school hour, it should be free.

It is therefore not  possible to levy a compulsory charge for transport or admission costs for swimming lessons or for visits to museums, etc. during school hours.

The LEA or governing body may not  charge for anything unless they have drawn up a statement of general policy on charging.  The governing body’s policy may be more or less generous than the LEA’s as long as it  meets the requirements of the law.  

Voluntary Contributions  

Parents and carers of pupils at Carleton Endowed CE Primary School may be asked for a  voluntary contribution toward the cost of:  

  • Any activity which takes place during school hours which incur additional costs 
  • School equipment  
  • School funds generally  

The contribution must be genuinely voluntary though, and the pupils of parents who are  unable or unwilling to contribute will not be discriminated against or made to feel  embarrassed.  

Where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the activity possible, and there is  no way to make up the shortfall, then the activity will be cancelled.  

Residential Trips  

Parents and carers of pupils at Carleton Endowed CE Primary School will be asked to  contribute towards the cost of board and lodging for residential trips, except for parents who  receive:  

  • Pupil Premium as part of FSM (Free School Meals)  
  • Disability Living Allowance for a disabled child  

Instrumental Music Lessons  

Charges will be made for instrumental music tuition given by the peripatetic music teachers  through the County Music Scheme.