A boy and a girl in a classroom setting, pens in hands

English at Carleton Endowed CE (VA) Primary School

When teaching the English curriculum at Carleton Endowed Primary School we strive to ensure that all learners acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and values to become confident readers, effective communicators and lifelong learners. The English curriculum is designed to provide pupils with creative and engaging writing, reading and speaking and listening opportunities so that they are successfully prepared for life in the modern world. The following statements therefore represent the key intentions that drive forward our English curriculum.

English Curriculum Intent: 

  • To promote a culture and love for reading to all pupils.
  • To ensure that every child becomes a motivated reader, writer and confident speaker by the time they leave   Carleton Endowed CE (VA) Primary School.
  • To deliver a progressive English curriculum which teaches knowledge and skills.
Eng in Curriculum

Please click the links below to read how the different strands of our English Curriculum are implemented.