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Art and Design at Carleton Endowed CE Primary School

‘Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible.’ Maryann F Kohl.


At  Carleton Endowed Primary our intention for the Art curriculum is to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, whilst equipping them with the key knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Alongside the individuals’ opportunity to express themselves, we recognise that it is essential to teach children about great artists, the works that they have created, and to also have an understanding of how art has influenced history, contributed to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation and the world that we live in at the present. Art should be delivered by teachers so that it is accessible for all and to maximise the developments of all abilities, enabling all children to learn about artists and to understand how the skills and knowledge they have learnt can be applied within their own learning and expression.



  • National Curriculum Programme of Study is used to deliver learning in line with the National Curriculum expectations for art and design. 
  •  Teachers will teach lessons through ‘Access Art’, the leading provider of digital visual arts resources in the UK, providing inspiration and ideas to the whole community; fostering an open- ended exploration of creativity.
  • Children will be taught required foundational knowledge at the start of a unit of work to allow them to be able to understand and access new learning and concepts which are needed to make progress.
  • Children will be taught explicit drawing, painting and colour and sculpture skills. They are given time in lessons to practice these and each skill is revisited annually and is the focus for a half  term, enabling children to demonstrate progress each year. 
  •  Children use sketchbooks (Reception upwards) to experiment, plan and evaluate their own artwork.
  •   Children have the opportunity to work with different materials and media and are encouraged to develop their personal style.
  •   Children are introduced to work by great artists and craftspeople and encouraged to respond appropriately and with respect. 
  •  Children’s books will show cohesion between taught sessions with clear end points reached and children working with independence.
  •   Teachers’ skilful questioning allows all children to make progress and reflect on learning. 
  •  Key vocabulary* is explicitly taught to children as part of quality-first teaching.
  •  Vocabulary is clearly modelled on knowledge organisers.
  •   Knowledge Organisers* are used to support children’s understanding and retrieval of key knowledge, skills, artists and craftspeople and vocabulary.
  •   Retrieval opportunities are planned for by teachers, to ensure children have opportunity to secure new knowledge.



  • High-quality art outcomes will demonstrate that children can choose and use art tools


  •  Children’s books will evidence progress, through use of key vocabulary, skills development and ability to understand and draw on the work of others to inform and influence their own work.
  • Pupil’s will speak enthusiastically about their art and design learning and articulate what they are learning and why it is important.
  •   Children’s artwork will be celebrated and shared widely around the school on displays.
  •   Children will be excited and passionate about art, keen to participate and speak enthusiastically about their learning. 
  •  Children will be able to use appropriate vocabulary accurately, independently, to demonstrate their understanding. 
  •  Children will be aware of the work and impact of great artists, using them as inspiration for their own work and recognising their historical and cultural importance. 
  •  Children will know that different artists lived at different times in history, and that their art work can help us understand what life was like in different time periods.
  •   Parents will see their child’s confidence, knowledge and skills in art increase.

Cultural Capital:

Cultural Capital: Our understanding of knowledge and cultural capital is derived from the following wording in The National Curriculum. At Carleton Endowed Primary School, it is the essential knowledge that all of our pupils need to be educated citizens. Also, introducing and exposing experiences to children that may otherwise not have had. We are constantly looking for new and meaningful experiences that will enrich the artistic understanding and creativity skills of the children we teach. Teachers are encouraged to include cross curricular links to Art.