Carleton Endowed Primary School

Breakfast and After School Club

Play Leader: Emma Brown

Contact School: 01756 792910 or email: [email protected]

The management and staff would like to welcome you and your children to Carleton Endowed Out of School Club, situation within Carleton Endowed C.E. Primary School. We hope that  you find this booklet helpful in providing you with information about what we do to  ensure that your child has an enjoyable, safe and fulfilling experiences within the  provision.  

 Mission Statement 

At Carleton Endowed Out of School Club we offer a safe, positive and  enthusiastic environment where children can interact with  others, engage in stimulating activities and develop their independence.

We are an all-inclusive facility which  celebrates the unique qualities of each individual.  


We have four main aims at Carleton Endowed Out of School Club: 

• To provide an environment which the children feel safe and comfortable in. Giving  a relaxed home from home atmosphere which promotes fun. 

• To ensure both children and parents feel valued, fostering links between home and  the out-of-school provisions.  

• Treat each child as an individual, develop their own unique qualities. 

• Work alongside the school to help children achieve personal and educational goals,  especially for children within the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

The Premises and Facilities. 

The provision is set within Carleton Endowed C.E. Primary School. The rooms and  areas available to the Breakfast Club and Afterschool Care are: 

• The school hall; 

• The large secure school playing field; 

• Children’s kitchen for baking and cooking activities; 

• Two playgrounds, with extensive equipment for a wide range of activities.  


Medication, both short term and long term, needs to be  discussed with the provision Manager, Mrs Brown, and signed for before we  are able it is administered. For more information, please ask a  member of staff or access our Managing Medication policy.  

Opening Hours and Fees 

Bookings must be booked on our online system: School Gateway. Only emergency  bookings can be taken over the phone.  

Go to the APP store on your Smartphone and search SchoolGateway. When you locate the correct APP download it to your phone

Breakfast Club 

Morning: 7:45am - 8:45am £4.25 

Afterschool Club 

1 evening 3:15pm - 5:30pm £6.75 

1 hour 3:15pm - 4:15pm £4.00 

Payments must be made before the children use the provision. Any unused sessions  will be credited back to your School Gateway accounts. Payments can be made in  through online banking, the School Gateway system, cash or cheque, made payable  to: Leeds Diocese Learning Trust.

If children are being collected or dropped off by different adults, please ensure  their names have been added onto each individual child’s pick-up information. 

School Gateway 

To book Breakfast or Afterschool Club session we use the School Gateway booking  system. This can be accessed via your home computer or by downloading the School  Gateway APP on your IPad or IPhone. Please ask for details at the school office or  

the club Manager; there is an information booklet which will help you use the  system. 

Activities and Events 

Breakfast Club 

Children are able to choose their breakfast  

and then eat socially whilst talking to the  

other children and the play-workers. The  

play-workers on duty will take the children to  

their appropriate lines once the bell has rung.  

Afterschool Club 

The children have access to a large number of resources which they can  independently access. Weekly, directed activities are planned and adult led, which  the children can access voluntarily. The children have the option of being indoors or  outside. At the end of the session, Quiet Time happens for the last 30 minutes. This  includes a computer time, story or watching part of a film.  

Snack and Meals 

Breakfast Club: children can choose from a range of  

breakfast cereals, toast and juice.  

Afterschool Club: snacks and refreshments are provided 

for the children. 

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

At Carleton Endowed Out of School Club we are committed to supporting the development  of all children, especially those within the EYFS. We work alongside classroom  teachers to provide additional evidence towards their EYFS profile. To  promote learning we have independently accessible provision and a proportion of  adult led activities. 


Manager: Emma Brown


Brioni Hardisty-Blackwell

Charlotte Marshall

Samantha Mould

Carleton Endowed Out of School Club is a registered Ofsted company which works in  accordance with the Children Act 1989. We employ staff members who are highly qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and caring.  

Our staff are dedicated to the wellbeing of the  children in our care. If you have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact or approach  us.

Carleton Endowed Out of School Club


If you would like to find out more about our procedures, values and ethical  commitments then please access our company’s policies, which are available within  the provision. Some of our policies are outlined below: 


Everyone is welcome to attend Carleton Endowed Out of School Club (also see inclusion  policy). Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and parents are  asked to book promptly due to limited places.  

Places can be withdrawn due to lack of payment. 

Behaviour Management 

At Carleton Endowed Out of School Club we have a high expectation of behaviour. Positive  behaviour is model by members of staff and rewarded with stickers and certificates  when demonstrated by the children. Negative actions or behaviour will be dealt with  promptly. 

Complaints Procedure 

If you have a complaint, then we really want to know! We pride ourselves on our self evaluation and dedication to improvement so any complaints will be welcomed by the  provision’s management: Emma Brown If you then feel your complaint has not be  handled effectively the number for Ofsted is displayed on the display board. Please  see our full complaints policy. 

Also see; Equality and Diversity Policy and Health and  Safety Policy. A complete index of our policies is available.