The school is committed to creating and embedding a culture of openness, trust and transparency to ensure all concerns about adults can be shared responsibly, with the right person, and recorded and dealt with appropriately. 

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the disclosure of information which in the reasonable belief of the worker relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work, which is deemed to be in the public interest.

This may include:

• criminal activity;

• failure to comply with any legal or professional obligation or regulatory requirements;

• miscarriages of justice;

• danger to health and safety;

• damage to the environment;

• bribery;

• facilitating tax evasion;

• financial fraud or mismanagement;

• breach of our internal policies and procedures;

• conduct likely to damage our reputation or financial wellbeing;

• unauthorised disclosure of confidential information;

• negligence;

• the deliberate concealment of any of the above matters.

A whistleblower is a person who raises a genuine concern relating to any of the above. If you have any genuine concerns related to suspected wrongdoing or danger affecting any of our activities (a whistleblowing concern) you should report it under the LDLT whistleblowing policy.

Low Level Concerns
If you have concerns that do not initially meet the harms threshold – referred to as ‘low-level concerns’, Please see our low level concerns policy.