Carleton School was visited by OFSTED in February 2022.  

Procedures for safeguarding are effective. Staff have the training they need to keep pupils safe. " OFSTED February 2022


"Leaders have introduced a sequenced and progressive curriculum from Reception through to Year 6."  OFSTED February 2022



Teachers make sure that pupils understand the key knowledge and vocabulary they will need to support their learning." OFSTED 2022

"Leaders have benefited from the support of a wide range of external partners .... This support has contributed considerably to the rapid rate of improvement since the previous inspection." OFSTED 2022


"Pupils are polite, well-mannered and articulate. They show kindness and respect to each other." 



"The personal development of pupils is a strength."OFSTED 2021


"In the Early Years, children co-operate and play well together. They have lots of opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills."  



"Pupils show respect and tolerance for each other. They understand the importance of British values and learn about democracy by voting for the school council and visiting the House of Parliament." 

OFSTED 2021"


"Leaders and staff are united to help pupils become good citizens."