Children in photo booth

A faithful community that loves, lives and learns with hope and joy; where everyone is valued and encouraged to flourish.

We aim to develop confident lifelong learners who:

  • experience the joy of learning together
  • are loving citizens, that care for each other and the world
  • live in hope, resilient in the face of a challenge
  • have the courage to stand up for what is right, even when that is difficult to do
  • value belief and celebrate moments of awe and wonder for themselves and others.

Our Vision is inspired by The Parable of the Lost Sheep

The Parable of the Lost Sheep is a story told by Jesus to illustrate the love and compassion that God has for every person. It is about a shepherd who leaves his flock of ninety-nine sheep to find the one which is lost. Our vision and values are inspired by this parable. We respect the uniqueness of everyone and the important part they play in our community. To ensure no one becomes lost, we offer encouragement and support. The sheep trust in the shepherd who has the courage to make a bold choice. He finds hope in faith and ensures that no one is left behind. He calls the community together and celebrates with joy when his flock are reunited. This story reflects how we nurture and celebrate each other in our school community.


A School For The Community

Church Of England schools have always been community schools, serving all the families and children in the area. We have dedicated staff who strive to give their best to our children. Occupying a site just outside Skipton, we offer a very happy school environment in a beautiful scenic location.

The word `endowed' in the school title goes back to its Foundress, Elizabeth Wilkinson who endowed the school, leaving farm lands at Bell Busk to finance and house the teacher and original four boys in 1709. The lands are now owned by the school Trustees who administer the trust income for the benefit of the school and former pupils.

Love     Courage     Hope     Joy