Our School Rules  

  1. Be polite and kind to everyone  
  2. Walk around the school in a sensible manner  
  3. Respect the property of others and of the school  
  4. Always put in 100% effort into all of your work  

What is Inappropriate Behaviour?  

Low Level Disruptive Behaviour  

This occurs when a child’s behaviour disrupts the learning of others.  

Examples of this are: -  

  • Talking at the wrong time  
  • Interrupting when others are talking  
  • Calling out instead of waiting their turn to speak  
  • Deliberately making inappropriate noises or sounds  
  • Intentionally disturbing other children  
  • Moving around the class when they are meant to be working or listening  

Moderate Behaviour Problems  

Examples of this are: -  

  • Inappropriate use of language, either in tone or vocabulary  
  • Inappropriate responses to adults, either in tone or vocabulary  
  • Deliberately inflicting minor hurt to other children (e.g. pushing, shoving, poking, pinching etc.)  

Serious Behaviour Problems  

Examples of this are: -  

  • Racist and homophobic comments  
  • Rudeness to visitors  
  • Physical or verbal aggression  


The consequences of repeated inappropriate behaviour are:  

For low-level disruption in class, a verbal warning will be given and then Golden Time may be  removed. If the behaviour persists, the teacher may use a range of sanctions; for example, sitting  the child apart from the group, sending the child to a senior member of staff or keeping the child  in for part of a playtime. 

Super Behaviour Contract 

For serious behaviour problems, the Headteacher will be involved from an early stage and will, at  his discretion, invoke more serious sanctions. Lunchtime exclusion, fixed term and permanent  exclusions are used in extreme circumstances and are reported to the Governing Body and the  Local Authority.  

Playground Behaviour  

It is every child’s right to have a safe playtime.  

Playground Rules  

  1. Always make playtimes fun and safe for everyone.  
  2. Be kind to one another.  
  3. Always use polite words when you are playing.  
  4. Look after all your play equipment.  
  5. Do what you are asked by a member of staff, immediately.  

3 Strikes  

This system will successfully deal with behaviour problems in our school by following a ‘3 Strikes’  approach. This system is where children have 3 chances to modify their behaviour.  

A ‘strike’ will be given to a child for;  

  • Continuous low level disruption throughout the school week (e.g. often given a red card on our  Good to be Green system).  
  • Continuous disruptive behaviour in school, class and on the playground. 
  • Any action on the moderate or serious behaviour problems (see above)  

Please do note that if there has been any serious issue within school, parents/carers will be  immediately informed of this.  

If a child receives ‘3 strikes’, parents/carers will be informed and asked to come into school to  discuss any issues to see if behaviour can be resolved through a home-school partnership. If a  child receives another strike after this meeting, then they will lose all ‘treats’ that will be  happening next in school e.g. Christmas Party, School Disco.  


I understand the standards expected in school and what is considered appropriate and  inappropriate behaviour.  

Signed (Adult/s) ______________________________

Signed (Child/Children) ________________________    

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