If you have questions regarding remote learning please get in touch with school via the school office.  

Remote learning is a new experience for all of our school community - staff, parents, pupils - and is evolving all the time.  Please be patient with school as we try things out and develop what is in place and please be kind to yourselves and your children as you navigate this new experience.  Not everything will be successful all the time, but by working together and communicating we can support our children together to have the best outcomes in this challenging environment.

Learning resources are provided via the Seesaw platform. Should we go into further lockdowns we will endeavour to incorporate aspects of live teaching through Google Meet. Given the age of primary school children teachers will take into account the concentration levels and age of the children looking at screens. This may mean that a teacher delivers a live input, the children work independently offline and then return for live feedback. 

 Google meet sessions provide the social interaction with the class and their teacher.

If my child doesn't understand a piece of work what shall I do?

If it is not something you are able to explain post a message or email their teacher to tell them and they will help. They might put up more instructions or contact you directly. Your child might also want to ask his/her classmates for help . Please don't try to carry on with the work if your child doesn't understand it.  Leave it and do something else.  It may be something to come back to once you've had advice but there is no need to keep going when there is a problem.  It is more important that your child is doing work they can succeed in and seeks help when they can't.

We might not get through all the learning everyday.  Which is the most important?

Obviously all the work we post is important and we are following the government guidelines in setting the quantity they ask for.  However, we appreciate that everyone's circumstances are different. The key areas of learning to focus on are: phonics (for YR-2), regular reading, writing tasks and maths. Reading and Maths are especially important, reading because it is such a vital life skill and maths because if you miss chunks it is hard to build up your skills.  Our children's mental health and well-being takes priority over all of this though so please make sure there is time to have proper breaks.

How do I know if the work my child is doing is of a good enough standard?

Always encourage your child to do their best.  We will challenge your child to improve in the feedback we give them.  We are mindful however that we cannot know what every child's situation is at home and do not want to put children or parents under unreasonable pressure.  We would encourage parents to look at the first few pages of the National Curriculum Requirements for their year group on this page. This will give you something to measure against.

Because of the number of people on a google meet sometimes the internet connection struggles to stream them all at the same time.  To help, it chooses to turn the streaming off and people appear with a circle with their initial or their id photo. Don't worry if this happens, you are still in the meeting and can still be heard (unless you have muted your microphone) and listen.  You might find it drops in and out of live streaming a few times on the same meet as it tries to cope with demand.

What if my child does not have access to an appropriate device to access the learning?

Please contact school and we will strive to provide you with an appropriate device to access learning.