1. Overview

At Carleton Endowed CE (VA) Primary School we believe that every child has an entitlement to benefit from teaching and learning of the highest quality.

As a result, lesson planning of this teaching should promote a broad and balanced curriculum and instil creativity, excellence and enjoyment in the classroom. This policy sets out the criteria that will be the expected standard for teachers’ planning. Teachers have the professional responsibility to ensure that their planning meets this standard.

The headteacher and subject leaders will monitor planning to see that this standard is met. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Marking and Feedback Policy, the Assessment Policy and the Appraisal Policy.

2. Objectives

The objectives of planning in our school are:

3. Strategies

To achieve these objectives, the planning in our school will:

  • To promote a broad and balanced curriculum which instils creativity, excellence and enjoyment in the classroom.
  • To document what is taught over a period of time, reflect the needs and abilities of individuals in the classroom and be based on prior knowledge.
  • To indicate the learning challenges to be taught.
  • To develop relevant cross curricular links wherever possible.
  • To use planning as a working document and amend in light of new assessment information.
  • To provide evidence necessary to monitor learning and teaching throughout the school.
  • To ensure support staff have the knowledge and information to prepare for and support lessons.
  • To show how different learners of all abilities are challenged and inspired.
  • Be kept to a minimum and will be sharp to ensure that teaching is effective and the workload of teachers is not hindered.
  • Based on secure subject knowledge.
  • Show the effective teaching of basic skills.
  • Have clear learning challenges which set out the knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils need to acquire. These challenges will be firmly rooted in the curriculum guidelines and will be used as the basis for assessing the children’s achievement and progression.
  • Identify the success criteria in child friendly language so children know the expectations necessary for achieving the learning challenge.
  • Show clear differentiation for the different abilities of children in the classroom.
  • Reflect high expectations.
  • Ensure that time, support staff and other resources are effectively used.
  • Incorporate opportunities for teachers to assess children’s work thoroughly.
  • Be presented in the class teacher’s chosen form.
  • Teachers have the professional responsibility to present their planning in a form which work most effectively for them and their children. This may take the form of flipcharts, planning notebooks or planning grids.

    4. Monitoring and Review

    To monitor and review the expectations stated in the policy:

  • The headteacher and subject leaders will monitor and review the implementation of the policy.
  • Teachers will reflect upon the success of their planning and evaluate and review their teaching accordingly.
  • Teachers will have their planning formats in school at all times and will be readily accessible for monitoring purposes.
  • In the case of absence, teachers will email a copy of their plans to the headteacher, wherever possible.

Reviewed Autumn 2019

To be reviewed Autumn 2021