Smoking is not permitted in any part of the school premises or grounds, at any time, or by any person, regardless of their status or business within the school.

Smoking leads to nicotine addiction. The habit of smoking is commonly acquired in childhood and leads to the deaths of 1 in 2 persistent long- term smokers.

Schools invest valuable resources in teaching their pupils about the hazards of smoking through the curriculum. Children need to receive consistent messages and require non smoking role models in the adults who teach them, as well as a non-smoking environment to protect them and the whole school community from the serious health risks of secondhand smoking.

Aims of the Policy

This policy seeks to:

  • Guarantee a healthy working and learning environment and protect the current and future health of all members of the school community by eliminating the serious health risks associated with secondhand smoking
  • Guarantee the right of non-smokers to breathe in air free from tobacco smoke
  • Create a consistent learning environment by matching the ethos and behaviour within the school to the curriculum
  • Change attitudes by promoting non-smoking as the norm and non-smokers as positive role models
  • Comply with Health & Safety Legislation and Employment Law
  • Raise awareness of the dangers of both smoking and secondhand smoking
  • Take account of the needs of those who smoke and to support those who wish to stop

Restrictions on Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on any part of the school premises or grounds, at any time or by any person regardless of their status or business in the school.

Smoking is not permitted within view of the school grounds.

Smoking is not permitted within the immediate vicinity of the school, where children could reasonably expect to be present, at the start of, or end of the school day.


All visitors, contractors and deliverers are required to abide by the smoking policy. Staff members are expected to inform visitors of the schools smoking policy; however, they are not expected to enter into any confrontation that may put their personal safety at risk.

Support for Smokers

Any smoker requiring help and support in giving up smoking are encouraged to seek the assistance of the NHS Stop Smoking Helpline, who can be contacted on 0800 022 4332.

Disciplinary Action

Pupils who are caught smoking will be dealt with by the headteacher. Staff and other adults will also be directed to the headteacher.

Monitoring and Reviewing

This policy will be reviewed in summer 2021 to ensure that it continues to meet the aims. The Smoking Policy Co-ordinator is The Headteacher.

Comments related to the enforcement of this policy should be directed to the Smoking Policy Co-ordinator.

This policy was adopted by the Governing Body and it is owned, implemented and understood by the whole school community.

Reviewed summer 2019

To be reviewed summer 2021