The letting of the school premises by the community is welcomed, subject to the following conditions: -

  • Use of the premises for school functions will take priority over lettings.
  • The Governing Body will set charges for lettings guided by these principles: -
    • Lettings to bona fide community groups will be charged at cost, to cover caretaking, energy, wear & tear and administration.
    • Where a letting is subsidised by the Youth and Community Service that Service will determine the proportion of the letting charge to be paid direct by the Hirer.
    • Where the school is used as a polling station the relevant authority will be charged the actual additional costs incurred by the school.
    • Lettings to all other hirers will be charged at cost plus a profit margin determined by the Governing Body.
  • Income derived from lettings will be retained by the school and costs to the school of lettings will be met from this income.
  • The school premises will not be let to individuals or organisations if there is reason to believe that the name of the school will be brought into disrepute.
  • The school premises may be let for functions where a Public Entertainment Licence is required.
  • Decisions whether to permit lettings will be made by the Governing Body. If the Headteacher believes a letting should not be permitted they will report the reasons to the Governing Body.
  • All persons hiring the school premises will be expected to conform to the relevant Health & Safety regulations.
  • All hirers must carry sufficient Third Party Liability insurance to satisfy North Yorkshire County Council requirements.
  • All persons hiring the school are responsible for ensuring that the school is locked up and secure on departure
  • No responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of anyone hiring the premises will be held by the school.

    Reviewed autumn 2019

    To be reviewed autumn 2021