At Carleton Endowed School the aims of setting homework are to:

  • support skills learnt by pupils to extend their curriculum * support pupils to develop confidence, self-discipline and concentration to study on their own
  • help support our ‘brain builder’ homework choices that support home learning through a variety of subject areas and topic


The School will:

  • provide homework as indicated on the timetable
  • mark homework and give feedback to the pupil showing them how to improve
  • differentiate homework so that all children can build on previous learning * encourage pupils to undertake personal research which can extend knowledge and skills
  • keep in regular contact with parents and carers

Parents and carers are encouraged to:

  • supporting the school to maintain the homework Timetable
  • monitoring and supporting their child(ren) in the completion of the homework
  • maintaining resources ‘on loan’ from the school which are needed for the completion of the homework
  • keeping in regular contact with the school

The attached PDF document is made available for printing out and also includes a homework timetable.