All pupils, irrespective of gender, culture, race, ability, sexual orientation or religion,  are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum and the opportunities to achieve their  full potential. This is considered to be of particular importance given the make-up of  our local community.  


  • To value each pupil’s worth  
  • To provide for all pupils regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual  orientation or culture  
  • To be aware of the difficulties that some groups can face and to ensure that  obstacles are removed and positive action taken when necessary 
  • To avoid prejudice and discrimination in the treatment of others. 
  • To prepare pupils to overcome prejudice and to participate fully in a diverse  society  


The curriculum offers a balanced view of the world that enhances the self-esteem of  pupils from all backgrounds. It opens the minds of pupils to other traditions and ways  of viewing the world. Teaching methods and materials are regularly reviewed to  ensure they present a range of cultures and are not biased. Staff are aware that their  own expectations affect the achievement, behaviour and status of each pupil.  

All forms of discrimination by any person in school are treated very seriously and it is  made clear that such behaviour is unacceptable. In accordance with LEA guidelines,  incidents of racial discrimination and homophobia are recorded and reported.  

Both men and women are employed by the school to provide the pupils with good  role models. Assessment results are scrutinised regularly to identify trends that  indicate a difference in achievement between boys and girls and prompt action taken.