Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 

Matthew 7:24  

Our school provides a foundation for all to flourish rooted in the person and work of Jesus; built upon Christian  values encouraging aspirational achievement.  

Christian Values  

Our school meets the needs of all learners effectively by encouraging relationships that are based on friendship, endurance,  peace, trust and thankfulness, values that stem from our Christian teaching.  


Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the  principles of the Church of England.  

  • To worship God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  
  • To reflect on Christian values  
  • To develop a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values  
  • To consider spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues  
  • To foster a sense of awe and wonder of the world  
  • To provide opportunities for celebration, reflection and prayer  


It is our statutory duty to provide a daily act of collective worship for all pupils. The Collective Worship subject leader  has overall responsibility for Collective Worship, which are of an overtly Christian character reflecting the school’s ethos  and close affiliation with the Church of England. Jesus life and teachings is central to collective worship and pupils are  aware of the importance placed on the role model of Jesus as they explore Christian values.  

Collective Worship is placed at the beginning of the school day and is highly valued in school, its impact on individuals  is clear in all areas of school life. Collective worship takes place in classrooms and in the hall.  

The clergy of St Mary’s church lead collective worship as a whole school in St Mary’s church once a week. Teachers  lead collective worship on a rota basis once a week. Pupils lead class collective worship. The collective worship  committee plans, leads and evaluates collective worship in the hall on a weekly basis. Once a month the Open The Book  team bring the bible stories to life with drama and readings for the whole school. The schools daily Collective Worship  clearly identifies with Anglican traditions.  

Visitors to the school enhance collective worship throughout the year including, a variety of charities, inspirational  people, Barnabas in Schools and Zephaniah Trust. These visitors often encourage a high level of spiritual and moral  reflection, which in turn encourages an ethos of social action, which is underpinned by Christian values.  

The school take part in acts of worship at St Mary’s church at key points and festivals throughout the year.  A set pattern for collective worship is followed: 

Greeting and Gathering  

  • Music is played as a call to worship (just like the bells of the church do before a service begins), to prepare our  hearts and minds to meet with God.  
  • All settle – moment of silence to begin worship  
  • Opening prayer – written by the Collective Worship committee half termly  
  • Trinity prayer – a set prayer to reflect on the nature of God  
  • A candle is lit during the Trinity prayer  


  • Presentation of a bible story.  
  • A story/drama/talk/activity, which will engage the pupils and help them think and question the theme of the worship.  


  • Asking or answering questions to dig deeper into the theme and meaning  
  • Reflection – time is given for pupils to reflect upon the theme and inspire spiritual and moral application of the  theme.  
  • Prepared and spontaneous prayers may be said by pupils.  
  • Song  


  • Sending out prayer.  
  • Lord’s prayer using Makaton.  
  • Music to go out to.  

Collective worship themes are based on Christian Values and also include global issues and Christian religious festivals  through the year. A half termly plan is created at the start of each half term where a clear focus and theme can be seen  and developed by each member of staff delivering Collective Worship. Collective Worship plans are kept as a record in  the RE subject leader folder.  

A Collective Worship committee (set up in September 2012) plan, lead and evaluate Collective Worship every week.  Pupils from across all year groups are welcome to join the committee at any time in the school year.  

In a weekly ‘Good Work’ assembly, pupils are rewarded not only for academic success, but also for demonstrating, their  understanding of the ethos of the school and its commitment to Christian values. We link this in with our Dragon House  Points, Good to Be Green and Spotted Voucher Schemes, which focus on positive behaviour, and being a good Christian  Role Model.  


Pupils in school review collective worship regularly and their responses are recorded in a review book. The pupils’  responses to collective worship are monitored and this informs future developments. Collective worship is also  monitored taking into account pupils’ responses on the annual RE pupil questionnaire. Governors regularly monitor  worship and feedback findings.  


  • Pupils have the knowledge and confidence to participate in life experiences through their understanding of church  services and prayers.  
  • Pupils are safe to express and explore their own beliefs.  
  • Pupils are challenged to explore their relationship with God and their place in the world. 
  • Pupils articulate the impact that the varied and interactive forms of worship have on their greater understanding of  faith.  
  • Pupils use the repetitive prayers to build their relationship and engage with God.  
  • Pupils know that the life of Jesus is central to a Christian’s faith and the role model to follow. 
  • Pupils gain a depth of understanding of biblical teaching and their relationship with God as they plan, lead and  evaluate collective worship.  
  • Children of all faiths and no faith feel comfortable in participating in worship.  
  • Pupils have a clear understanding of the basis of the Eucharist and its place in Christian belief enabling pupils to  engage further with the practice of communion. 


The main resources for Collective Worship are ‘Values for Life’ and ‘Lifesavers’. The school has a vast range of RE and  Collective Worship resources as well as access to online resources such as REonline, Barnabas RE and Assemblies.org.  

We have a range of music on CD using interactive ‘Out of the Ark Words on Screen’ on an interactive board and  projector in the hall. A table with a cross, a candle and a coloured cloth representing the colours of the Christian Church  Calendar is a focal point and faced by the school in Collective Worship.  

This policy was drawn up by the Collective Worship Subject Leader, Sarah Steeples, and will be reviewed as  appropriate.