Pupils are taught in 6 classes:

Class 1 =  Reception and Year 1, taught by Mrs Roberts

Class 2 = Years 1 and 2, taught by Mrs Steeples

Class 3 = Years 2 and 3, taught by Miss Sigsworth

Class 4 = Years 3 and 4, taught by Miss Atkinson

Class 5 = Years 4 and 5, taught by Mrs Coyle

Class 6 = Year 6, taught by Mrs Bowers


Our teaching assistants have a significant number of parent helpers help the teaching staff by providing structured and focused support in literacy and numeracy for specific year groups each day.

The ICT trolley of laptops and library area offer opportunities for pupils to work alone in groups, or on IT assignments ; it also provides an area for quiet study and reading.

Our school also makes full use of outside agencies to provide children with subject specialist teaching.

Children in Key Stage 2 also go to Craven swimming pool each week in the autumn and summer terms to take part in swimming activities with specialist swimming teachers. Pupils in Year 2 also go swimming during the last half term in summer.

The full range of curriculum subjects are all taught in school with particular emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy, which are taught for at least one hour every day. Other areas of learning are addressed throughout the year , including personal and social development, health awareness and thinking skills.

Some subjects are taught separately and son are took together as part of the theme , pupils within a class usually work at the same time on similar aspects of a subject, but a different levels appropriate to their age and ability. in this way we can ensure that each pupil is challenged and extended .


Homework provides an opportunity for parents to help in their child's learning. Homework should be a stress-free experience for all, helping to encourage a love of learning and investigation .

Activities are varied and tie in with the termly curriculum themes as well as literacy and numeracy skills.

We are currently trialling a new pupil choice homework where people can record their work in a variety of ways that suit their learning style