When teaching the English curriculum at Carleton Endowed Primary School we strive to ensure that all learners  acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and values to become confident readers, effective communicators and  lifelong learners.

The English curriculum is designed to provide pupils with creative and engaging writing, reading and  speaking and listening opportunities so that they are successfully prepared for life in the modern world.

Reading  forms the core of our curriculum and it is our intention to foster a ‘passion for reading’ culture throughout the school.  We support pupils to explore a diverse range of reading materials in our classrooms and a celebration of literature  and the enjoyment of reading is equally embedded in our wider school environment and our school routines.

The  following statements therefore represent the key intentions that drive forward our English curriculum.  

Our intentions

  • To promote a culture and love for reading to all pupils  
  • To ensure that every child becomes a motivated reader, writer and confident speaker by the time they leave  Carleton Endowed CE (VA) Primary School  
  • To deliver a progressive English curriculum which teaches knowledge and skills  

English Curriculum Implementation  

Our English curriculum incorporates the use of high-quality literature texts which are tailored to the needs and context  of the learners in the school. Through these texts, we provide opportunities to teach key reading strategies and  comprehension skills and develop grammar, spelling and punctuation knowledge.

In addition, these texts enable us to explore the structure and features of different genres and to teach children the craft of writing by focusing on their  ability to plan, write and edit their own pieces of writing.

Strategic planning against age related expectations, the  unique need of learners and the teaching of other subjects ensures that our English curriculum is not only well balanced and progressive but also purposeful and stimulating for all of our children.  

English Curriculum Impact  

We endeavour to ensure that all children achieve their maximum potential regarding their attainment in English.  Rigorous monitoring exercises are carried out throughout the year in order to measure the impact of the curriculum  design.

Together with the Headteacher and senior leadership, the English subject leader monitors the teaching and  learning of English across the school, evaluates pupil voice, shares effective practice and new initiatives and  identifies the subject’s key strengths and areas for development.

Teachers throughout the school carefully assess the  impact of each lesson and the performance of all individuals to ensure that pupils are on track to reach the  expectations of our curriculum. We intend the impact of our English curriculum will ensure that our pupils are self motivated learners and are effectively prepared for life in the modern world.  

Reading Schemes Used in Key Stage 1  

We bought in Rising Stars Reading Planet across a range of their products with the online subscription so that  children can read at home. These are;  

  1. Rocket Phonics  
  2. Comet Street Kids  
  3. Galaxy