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At Carleton Endowed Church of England Primary School our aim is to provide a foundation for all to flourish. We strive to create a happy, contented and secure community where children are able to enjoy their childhood and where  each child is able to develop his/her potential to the full.  

Our vision is of a community where children, staff, parents and governors work collaboratively  towards achieving the best possible learning environment for all. This is where all individuals  receive fair and just treatment and equal opportunities, rejecting prejudice in all forms and  respecting the rights and property of others.  

A community based on a caring family environment where all members feel secure and safe,  enabling the children at Carleton to have joy in living and learning, feel positive about  themselves and look forward to coming to school.  

Where our children are good communicators, feel actively involved, challenged and try to  become successful in all they do, constantly striving for academic excellence and are able to  use their unique talents both in the classroom and through a wide range of extra curricular  activities.  

Where children feel able to talk, listen and be listened to and are encouraged to take  responsibility for their own actions.  

A community where all members of staff are valued, staff work within a happy team and  where mutual respect provides a secure, supportive working environment enabling everyone  to use their unique skills to do a vital job well.  

Where all members of staff, regardless of occupation, feel part of the family of Carleton  Endowed Church of England Primary School, working in harmony with colleagues, children,  parents and governors to achieve the common goal of success.  

We aim to provide a school and community where the governing body are committed and  supportive to the ambitions of children and staff, providing leadership and guidance to carry  the school forward.  

Carleton Endowed Church of England Primary School is a place where aspirations can be  achieved in a non-threatening environment and where children leave our school as well rounded, responsible citizens with the skills and confidence to be successful in their future  endeavours.  

We encourage our children to meet these aims: 

Never Give Up  - Encourage Others - Do Your Best  

  • To put ourselves outside our comfort zone to develop and deepen our  learning  
  • To have conviction in our thoughts and feelings and communicate them  effectively  
  • To always try to succeed even though there may be a chance of failure 


  • To respect ourselves through honour and integrity  
  • To work with others despite differences or difficulties  
  • To show consideration towards other people and our environment 


  • To always strive to create beautiful work  
  • To always aim for high quality in our work  
  • To take time and effort to draft, redraft and evaluate and improve our work 


  • To show understanding, care, love and pride for ourselves and other people 
  • To be committed to contribute positively to our community  
  • To help others to achieve  

No Excuses  

  • To be self motivated and achieve our best  
  • To build resilience, responsibility and a never give up attitude 
  • To recognise the reasons for failure, and as a result, enhance our chances of  success

Our curriculum is underpinned by these seven strands: 

Knowledge   Safety   Positive Mindset    Curiosity   Aspiration   Responsibility    Christian Values