The governing body of our school is made up of 13 members including the headteacher. The headteacher is responsible for the operational day-to-day management of the school.

The governing body' role is to help setting the vision and strategic direction of the school, challenge the standards of learning and ensure financial resources are well spent.

No individual governor has the power to make decisions or take action as this is the responsibility of the governing body as a whole. Some smaller decisions may be delegated to sub-committees depending on the type of decision and the cost involved.

We aim to keep the well-being of every child and the forefront of our minds. To support the head teacher and staff and make Carleton Endowed CE (VA) Primary School a happy, healthy and successful place to be.

Our governors are here to support our school and help to ensure that the school is managed to a very high standard. Please do let us know if you have any concerns/worries or if you want to tell us about something that is gone really well too.

We meet for full governing board meetings nine times per year and we also meet on lots of other occasions to support our amazing school.

If you would like to read our public minutes please email [email protected]