Never Give Up  - Encourage Others - Do Your Best  

  • To put ourselves outside our comfort zone to develop and deepen our  learning  
  • To have conviction in our thoughts and feelings and communicate them  effectively  
  • To always try to succeed even though there may be a chance of failure 


  • To respect ourselves through honour and integrity  
  • To work with others despite differences or difficulties  
  • To show consideration towards other people and our environment 


  • To always strive to create beautiful work  
  • To always aim for high quality in our work  
  • To take time and effort to draft, redraft and evaluate and improve our work 


  • To show understanding, care, love and pride for ourselves and other people 
  • To be committed to contribute positively to our community  
  • To help others to achieve  

No Excuses  

  • To be self motivated and achieve our best  
  • To build resilience, responsibility and a never give up attitude 
  • To recognise the reasons for failure, and as a result, enhance our chances of  success