Tabletop display featuring a toy vicar holding a Bible

R.E. Is taught according to the aims of the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus.

The syllabus is drawn up by a local conference of teachers, churches and faith groups, together with the LEA. It clearly states that religious education should not seek to urge religious beliefs. We regularly draw on the expertise of our local church community to widen the pupils experience.

The syllabus each year is comprised of topics related:

  1. Christianity
  2. Major World religions including Islam, Judaism and Buddhism
  3. General study which includes sacred journeys buildings and texts.

Assemblies take place daily , held by staff , pupils , are vicar and invited visitors. Of course parents may choose to withdraw their children from assembly and R.E after talking to the Headteacher.

Our school was awarded the Gold Quality Mark in June 2015 and again in June 2018, to celebrate all the great work that is happening in the RE and Collective Worship throughout the school.

Sex and Religious Education

These areas are taught throughout both key stages in the context of PSHE (Personal , Social and Health Education), and then more specifically in Year 5 and 6, when reproduction in plants and animals, including human beings, is taught in the context of life cycles in Science lessons.

Issues which are raised outside these lessons are dealt with sensitively and with consideration of the pupils' age.