Year 4

Ingleborough Hall

Thrusday 27th - Friday 28th May

The team can be contacted on 01524 251265 or e-mailed at [email protected]

Year 5

High Adventure

Monday 4th January - Friday 8th January

The team can be contacted on 01535 630044 or e-mailed at [email protected]

Year 6

Marrick Priory

Monday 5th July - Friday 9th July

The team can be contacted on 01748 884434 or e-mailed at [email protected]

Key Points

  • No mobile phones – staff will phone school every day and at least one message will be sent out by text each day
  • £5 - £10 pocket money will be more than enough
  • Limited sweets can be taken but cannot be eaten in the dormitories
  • A small bag/rucksack will be needed for our water day
  • The children will need the items shown on the list sent out

If there are any questions, queries or concerns, then please ask them by either e-mailing or ringing the school.

Our main focus here at school is to ensure that children have a great, fun and safe residential where they can try new activities.

Our aim is to also encourage, motivate and inspire children to ‘have a go’ and have a ‘can do’ attitude.

Confidence building and team building are always high on our residential visits and children come back more enthused and engaged in their learning.

Kit List

All specialist equipment will be supplied by each centre. Children should NOT bring  any unnecessary valuables, such as mobile phones, jewellery, CD players, MP3s,  iPods, electronic games equipment etc.  

Please do try to not wear jeans for activities. They restrict movement, do not dry  easily and make you very cold when wet. You may wear them for travelling or in the  evenings, but not for the outdoor elements. There is a drying room at each centre  which we can use throughout the week.  

At least two pairs of trainers are essential. One pair can be really old ones, which will  be used on water activities.  

Please ensure that you bring the following:  

  • Waterproof jacket (if you have one, if not any warm coat/jacket) 
  • Changes of outdoor clothes – the older and cheaper the better! 
  • Long sleeved shirts/tops  
  • T shirts  
  • Trousers  
  • Socks  
  • Underwear  
  • Swimming costume/Swimming Shorts to go underneath your old clothes (these will get wet)!  
  • Towel  
  • Hat and gloves
  • Sun cream 
  • Warm jumpers/fleeces  
  • Old clothes for particularly dirty activities (e.g. the outdoor sessions) 
  • 1 or 2 pairs of Shoes/Boots/Trainers (something old that is comfortable for walking  in)
  • A pair of indoor shoes that we can use inside the centre 
  • Drinks/water bottle  
  • A bin liner for wet clothes 
  • Wash kit 
  • Night clothes  
  • Any medication you need. This needs to be fully labelled with instructions 
  • Pocket money £5 - £10 maximum  
  • A rucksack to carry things in